We opened lighthouse crematory because of the rampant dysfunction and disrespect of the human body in this industry.
 Our Judeo-Christian beliefs guide us when cremating the body of your loved-ones. We believe that even after death, the body is sacred and worthy of respect.
 We will not allow multi-body deliveries. Have you every see multiple bodies delivered to the cemetery?, NO!, so why is it ok to deliver as many as 6 bodies at the same time to the crematory? Because the funeral home knows, You the family will not be there when they deliver to the crematory.
 We are the last line of defense for your family, to ensure proper respect is given to your loved-one. 

Please, give us a call and tell us how we can further assist you/
Chris Stilkey
Lighthouse Crematory & Remembrance
Open 9:00am - 4:00pm Monday - Friday 
Saturday by Appointment.

We offer a full line of monuments and memorials, designed and manufactured here in Maine by Maine's only authorized Rock of Ages dealer; Collette Monuments.

Christopher C. Stilkey
Director and President

Husband and Father of 7
Mr. Stilkey's family has been in the cemetery business since 1965, starting with his grandfather Ralph Prout, who started maintaining Grove Cemetery in Freeport. His father, Donald C. Stilkey took over in the 1970's and began caring for Burr Cemetery, shortly thereafter. In the late 80's, Don began taking care of six Yarmouth Cemeteries and in 1995, Mr. Stilkey began working with his mother and father and they formed D.C. Stilkey & Son, Inc., a business dedicated soley to the care and maintenance of cemeteries. They quickly added six Cumberland Cemeteries and Varney Cemetery, in Brunswick. In 2001, Don Stilkey died at the age of 68. Mr. Stilkey became Owner/President and continued in his father's footsteps. Since then, Mr. Stilkey has added the Gray Cemeteries to their list, now totaling 17 cemeteries, that D.C. Stilkey & Son maintains and cares for. In 2007, the opportunity arose to add a crematory to Burr Cemetery, where his father is buried and in 2011, after much effort and training, Mr. Stilkey opened Lighthouse Crematory and Remembrance, Inc.

Mr. Stilkey has been a member of the Maine Cemetery Association since 1995 and is a former President.
With his wife Lori and his trained staff, he is dedicated to continuing his family's tradition of the death care business.

Lori A. Stilkey
Office Administrator

Wife and Mother of 7
In 1998, Lori started helping out in the office with computer entry and bookkeeping. In 2000, she became the Office Administrator of D.C. Stilkey & Son, Inc. and now Lighthouse Crematory and Remembrance, Inc.
Mrs. Stilkey became a licensed crematory operator in 2011. 
She handles our landscaping and Memorial day plants for various cemeteries.
She is currently training to be part of our Memorial sales devision.

Mrs. Stilkey has been a member of the Maine Cemetery Association since 2000. 

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